More on Autographing

I’ve had the pleasure the past couple of days to spend some time with Phil Zimmermann. I suppose I could claim to have been his assistant, but really all I did was hold t-shirts firmly on the table so he could sign them.  I was elected for this singular honor by appearing to have nothing better to do, which turned out to be exactly true.  There was nothing I could have done that would be better.  I stopped by and looked not  busy the next day (on purpose this time), and got elected again.

In return for this, I got to spend about four solid hours with the gentleman and his admirers.  I got to discuss the whole concept of autographs and books, and although he actually is famous, it seems just as odd to him.

Phil is currently working on this project, a VoIP encryption solution that is very interesting. If you use VoIP, you definitely need to pay a visit to the site. There are very interesting links there as well.

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