I ride a bicycle a fair amount – probably 80 miles per week or so, weather permitting. It’s not a lot, but I like to think I have better than average lung and leg power.

So, visiting San Francisco this week, I ended up in the Mark Hopkins Intercontinental Hotel on Nob Hill, mainly because the hotel where I was originally supposed to be booked hadn’t heard of me. I decided to take advantage of the walk to the top of the hill for some exercise. I mean, it’s less than a mile, right?

So, after the first trip nearly killed me, I realized there were entire armies of muscles that I had obviously never used before. So, I’ve been passing up opportinities to taxi to and from the hotel, and have been enjoying the walk. At least after the fifth trek up the hill I was able to do something other than prop myself against a wall and breathe hard. I suppose you could call that enjoyable – it certainly is rewarding.

It’s nice to go on a business trip and come back in better shape than you left.

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