Daily Miracles

What’s up with the Daily Miracle?

First off, it’s got nothing to do with religion.  It’s actually a plot device from a Robert Heinlein novel; before supper, the family in the story relates a “Daily Miracle” that they observed that day.  I thought it was pretty cool.

People get used to almost anything.  Once upon a time, going 30mph in a horseless carriage was terrifying.  Now anybody actually doing the speed limit on a freeway is a traffic hazard.  Air  mail was once a marvel, now we can’t live without international overnight delivery, not to mention email.  On our phones, no less.  How did mankind ever find it’s way to the corner store without GPS?

In the glossary of The Physics of Success, it reads, “Given that we are, as author Desmond Morris once pointed out, simply a naked ape, a miracle is anything that is really amazing when you stop to think about it for a minute.  Your clothes, for instance; without them, you’d pretty much be stuck living in a warm, shady place where food grew out of the ground.  You could completely forget about, say, New York or Chicago.

Basically, I use the Daily Miracle to reset my baseline thinking.  It helps me stay grounded.