Santa Claus

SPOILER ALERT! If you are a young child who believes in Santa Claus, Click Here.

If you are an adult who believes in Santa Claus, keep reading.

Back in the last century when I was a young man of about 19, I proved to myself that Success Principles work. They worked like magic, and it scared me. If you actually witnessed real magic, it would scare you, too.

There was a problem. I was growing up to be an adult, and believing in these Success Principles was just about the same as believing in Santa Claus. I believed, but I was having a lot of trouble with the whole concept of a factory up at the North Pole manned by a bunch of elves. Let’s not even get started on the tiny reindeer and the one-night world tour. I lived in Alaska, not far from North Pole, and I knew some of the people who lived and worked there and they were not elves. Most of them were taller than me. I was a pilot, I knew about flying places and how long it takes to get there. I had seen reindeer. Hell, I used to eat reindeer. They are NOT tiny! None of this worked for me.

That’s pretty much the way I looked at all of the books on success. I read all of the stuff, and I read the explanations, and they made about as much sense as the story of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. They don’t make reindeer with glowing red noses, folks, they just don’t, I’m sorry.

Of course, I still believed.

If you have ever found yourself in a situation where your beliefs are not exactly popular and you don’t really want to rock the boat, you know what happens. You keep your mouth shut and your views to yourself. For instance, after you grow up you don’t start talking about the letter you are planning to send to Santa. In fact, it’s not bloody likely you’re going to even bother writing to Santa Claus.

And that’s pretty much what happened to me and Success Principles. At least until life got so miserable that I decided to write a letter to Santa anyway.

And lo and behold, there was a pony in my living room on Christmas morning!

Okay, not really. On the other hand, I did get so miserable that I sat down and wrote out what my life was supposed to be, which was a far cry from what it was. The story is here. Even though I didn’t believe in the explanations for Success Principles, I still believed they worked, and they did.

Just like a letter to Santa, it doesn’t really cost you anything. Nobody is going to see. The odd thing is that just using Success Principles helps you figure out what you really want out of life, and that alone makes you feel a whole lot better. And the best part is that if it does work, well, you get your pony (or your car, in my case!).

And by the way – there is no factory staffed with a bunch of elves at the North Pole, any more than you have a mysterious subconscious mind at work inside (or outside) your head attracting toys to you. It’s all explained in The Physics of Success.


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