Michael Ciarochi – Brief Bio

Michael Ciarochi is the author of “The Physics of Success: Getting the Car You Want from the Universe You Live Inand contributing author to the book Real Hope for the Unemployed.”

Michael worked as an engineer and surveyor, first in his home state of Alaska, where he worked on the design and construction of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline, and later becoming involved in mining and metallurgical plant design, working on mines from Sweden to the South Pacific.  When computer-aided design became practical, he exploited his talent in that field and founded a consulting firm to assist in the transition from paper to electronic media. During that time he consulted with the world famous research facilities at Los Alamos National Laboratories and Fermilab National Accelerator Laboratory, and developed a lifelong passion for physics.

Since then he has worked directly for such companies as DEC, Compaq, and Cisco for service delivery to major global corporations, and has consulted with companies ranging from Microsoft Corporation, Boeing, Ford, Toyota, as well as major airlines and financial institutions, specializing in information security and cryptography.

Originally trained as a musician, Michael still plays trumpet and bass with various groups in the Atlanta, Georgia area, and served on the Board of Directors of the Atlanta Wind Symphony for several years.