Twenty-Seven (and counting) . . . .

A recent study published January 20, 2014 in the journal Nature Communications details how researchers took a direct measurement of a photon’s 27-dimensional quantum state.

I’m just sayin’. . . .

A lot of the conclusions in The Physics of Success are extrapolated from the knowledge that there are more dimensions than those of which we are personally aware. There were theories of as many as 26 at the time I wrote the book, but as I said in the book, we really only need six or so to make this work. Here’s an interesting comment from one of the researchers:

“We chose 27, kind of to make a point about 26 letters in the alphabet and throwing in one more,” said Mehul Malik, now a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Vienna.

The idea behind this study is to prove that you represent any character from an entire alphabet in a single “qubit”, which is basically just a photon that is used to store information in quantum computing. From the sound of it, they feel they could probably measure the state of the photon in more than 27 dimensions.

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