Rescue Dog

Here’s an interesting Daily Miracle for you!

On a recent skiing trip with some buddies, we skied right up to the chairlift; just one group in front of us. For those of you who don’t ski or ride, there are what amount to merging cattle chutes that direct skiers to board the chair lift. There are usually one or two “group” chutes, a “singles” chute, and off to the left a chute for employees that also includes Ski Patrol, instructors and their students (who are paying an hourly premium in addition to the lift ticket).

There were a couple of Ski Patrol in their chute to our left, and a rescue dog walking around. The Rescue Dog was pretty big; I’d guess something like a wolfhound bred with a tan Labrador or something on that order. Short blonde coat, but tall and lanky. He was wearing his ski patrol vest.

The Patrol guys stepped in front of us, and as a chair came around the corner, one said “Mount!”.

The doggie casually walked over to the moving chair, jumped on, moved to the middle, and sat down facing forward! The chair came around, and the two Ski Patrollers, sat on either side of the dog and off they went.

I had a camera in my pocket, and my buddy had a helmet camera. Of course, neither one of us even thought to take a picture.

Rescue dogs and canine assistants amaze me anyway, but riding up that mountain looking at three ski patrol jackets with the head of a dog sticking out of the middle jacket just pretty much takes the cake…

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