Some Physics

Albert Einstein described a lot of things, and one of them is that matter and energy are interchangable in a fixed ratio (E = MC²). “C” in this case is a constant speed, which is commonly known as the Speed of Light. The Speed of Light is quite fast, which makes the fixed ratio quite high; there’s a lot of energy in a little bit of mass. We perform this interchange in nuclear reactors. It is most dramatic in nuclear explosions. We’re are very confident in the process and the science behind it.

One of the aspects of this Energy/Matter relationship is that “C” (velocity) is a fundamental part of the relationship. If we assume the relationship is correct (and we do) this requires the explicit assumption that mass and energy are also moving (because they have relative velocity). We don’t feel the motion for the same reason we don’t “feel” like we are moving 500mph when we fly in an airliner. Most of what we see around us is moving at a relatively similar speed, just like the seat in the airliner is also moving 500mph. That’s easy. The tricky part is not that we are moving so much as where are we going?

Special and then General Relativity also introduce the concept that there are additional dimensions to the three traditional dimensions. One of these dimenstions is time, and the other is used in the mathematics describing gravity. All predictions from the mathematics of Special and General Relativity are observed to be accurate to our ability to measure them.

Moving forward, String Theories (there are several variants) utilize mathematics that predict 10, 11, or as many as 26 dimensions. Although predictions have yet to be experimentally verified (we haven’t figured out the experiments, yet), the concept is very promising and explains a lot of previously mysterious phenomena. If there are more than three and more than four dimensions (and in The Physics of Success I describe how we can observe the five dimensions described in Special and General Relativity) then matter and energy must exist in all of those dimensions. Since each of us is made out of matter and energy, we also exist in all of those dimensions. That means that there is a whole lot of yourself that you cannot see, quite literally.

Interestingly enough, there are parts of us that we know about, in particular consciousness, that we cannot see and have absolutely no idea where to find it. That makes consciousness a prime candidate for an existence in one or more of these dimensions that we cannot directly detect. If, in fact, our consciousness is resident and functional in these dimensions, it may be able to “see” where we cannot see, and quite possibly see where exactly it is that we are going in our travels.

It’s self-evident that from a higher order dimension an observer can see many different “options” of lower ordered dimensions; from a three-dimensional viewpoint we can see many different two-dimensional planes, even though an observer in a two-dimensional plane can only see the plane in which it exists. The fundamental principle described in The Physics of Success is that our Einsteinian “motion” (the C in E=MC²) is motion through multiple three-dimensional “planes”, or boxes as it were. We perceive this motion – the change from one three-D “plane” to the next – as time. If our consciousness exists in a part of us that is in a higher-order dimension, it may be able to “see” alternatives in our direction of travel. That would not be seeing into the future, exactly, but it would be seeing the possible futures in our direction of travel.

When we communicate with our consciousness we can cause ourselves to focus on a desired possible future, and guide ourselves in that direction. Many success principles are exactly that; communication with our consciousess. Most authors have referred to this phenomenon as “programming your subconcious mind” or something along that order.

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