The Paradox of Success

I’m a firm believer in nutritional supplements (I can reference a huge volume of legitimate published studies that support my belief). I suspect I’ll be creating a separate topic on Health soon, because your health is in fact very closely related to your success and happiness. However, the topic at hand is Success, not nutrition.

One of the interesting things about good nutrition is that it doesn’t seem to do much for somebody that is already essentially in good shape. Think about a young, healthy, athletic individual. You know the type; you may have been one at some time, or even be one now. Ramen Noodles, Pizza, and gallons of soft drinks don’t seem to have any negative effect whatsoever! [By the way, that’s not true, but it seems that way in the short term.]

If you take our young, healthy, athletic person and put them on a really healthy regime, including balanced diet, appropriate supplements, sufficient water, sleep, and activity, you aren’t going to see a lot of change. If you’re already healthy, the effects of a new healthy habit are not going to be readily apparent. The actual effects are not going to be apparent until much later in life, when our young, healthy, athletic individual becomes an older, and then elderly, healthy, athletic individual, while his peers do not fare as well.

In the best of circumstances, any person who starts using Success Principles as described in the Physics of Success is not going to see instant results. That is due to simple inertia; it takes a little while before we see a change in course. Moreover, as I’ve mentioned before, all of my readers are already going to have a certain level of success.

If you are at a healthy body weight, and start eating more wholesome foods in correct portions, you aren’t going to see any change. The difference will be noticeable later down the road, and then only in comparison to people like yourself that chose not to focus on their health and well-being.

So, too, if you are happy with your life right now, and start implementing Success Principles, it’s possible you may not see any apparent change (although you probably will). What will happen is that you simply find that you continue to be happy with your life.

And that, more than anything else, is pretty much the definition of success.

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