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Instant Oatmeal

I scooped some oatmeal into a bowl, added water and a bit of salt, put it in the microwave and had a hot breakfast in about 3 minutes flat.  No pans, no mess, just the bowl and the spoon.

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Imagine the world is round!

Imagine trying to explain to somebody that the world is round like a ball.  You’ve been told this since you were a child, so you might at first think it’s pretty obvious.  However, when you actually try to describe this “simple” … Continue reading

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Not “quantum” thinking!

I’ve noticed that there are several sources that suggest quantum mechanics offer a mechanism by which we can order our lives, by simply “observing” what we choose to observe.  When explained, this can be a very seductive argument, but mostly … Continue reading

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Awesome little bugs!

I’m a bit lactose intolerant, but down at any pharmacy I can obtain capsules that contain over 10 billion lactobacillus acidophilus, which I take daily.  That means I can drink as much of my homemade eggnog as I want.

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